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Make It Monday: Project Update

2 March, 2009

Back at the end of January, I laid out the next five projects. I thought I’d give an update on how those are going and fill you in on some other crafty things going on around here. I’m thinking this will be a monthly feature from here on out.

Project 1: Chalkboard table: complete!

Now a favorite Pdub playspace

Now a favorite Pdub playspace

Project #2: Union Suit Quilt: In progress. I’ve cut out all the little squares. Now it’s just a matter of pinning and sewing.

yes, we occasionally call our baby f-bomb

yes, we occasionally call our baby "f-bomb"

Project #3: Ollie the Octopus: In progress. Ollie has a head but no legs. And he’s not Ollie. He’s Steve.

steve is green

steve is green

Project #4: Findings for crochet necklaces: FAIL. To be honest, I haven’t even looked for them.

Project #5: Oven Mitts: FAIL. Though I’ve got something in the works so that maybe I can claim that these are “in progress.”

So, that’s a 20% completion rate. But, that means a new project must be put on the books, so here it is:

quarters of fatness!

quarters of fatness!

Project #6: Patchwork curtains for the kitchen. Actually just one curtain, with a curtain rod at the top and bottom. Already can be labeled as “in progress” because I’ve cut the squares! And as a bonus, there’s an extra bit of each color just dying to be made into hotpads (which are close enough to being oven mitts that I’ve decided they totally count).

Have you got any crafty endeavors brewing? Share your progress (or lack thereof) in the comments, and start something now to brag about in April!

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  1. 3 March, 2009 11:03

    My craft is trying to pass Psychology. Does that count? I actually have some furniture to refinish, but with 6 inches of sloppy snow on the ground – I’m thinking that project is going to have to wait. I can’t wait to see Steve all finished!

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