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Saturday: What We Learned This Week and What’s Coming Up

28 February, 2009
rainbows waiting to happen

rainbows waiting to happen

This week we discovered that rainbow cupcakes are awesome. I’m toying with the idea of white chocolate rainbow cupcakes in the near future. Mmm…

Where was I? Oh right. We learned that there’s a whole bunch of great free stuff on the web for a 2.0-style connected classroom.

image from violet designs

image from violet designs

We talked about how British TV rocks, plain and simple. A lot of folks dig on the British mysteries. I concur, and I resolve to watch many more of them.

I became completely freaked out/fascinated by the robot dog thing. Seriously, that thing resides deep, deep in the uncanny valley–assuming the uncanny valley applies to animals as well as people. Whatever the case, that thing gives me the howling fantods but bad.

I shared Preston’s process for making awesome abstract art, and made a list of a bunch of stuff I can walk to from home. (And hey, on this very night, I walked to Taco Del Mar and had a lovely fish taco platter for dinner!)

Coming up next week:

City Sunday: The Portland Saturday Market came out of hibernation. I’ll write about it a little.

Make It Monday: Project Updates!

Tech Tuesday: I’ve Lost that Loving Feeling…For Facebook

Watch It Wednesday: Movies and TV Shows That Changed My Taste In Music

Thinking Thursday: Might Texting Be Making Us Smarter?

Food Day Friday: Quesadillas!

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