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10 for 2008

29 December, 2007

I’m blogging here completely out of a sense that I should blog. I haven’t been very successful at making it a habit in a long time, which is weird since I’ve had a blog (more or less) since December, 2000

10 years and 11 days…well, that’s something. Pay no mind to the fact that some years I barely touched the thing and that lately I’ve just been using my account as a glorified RSS reader–I’ve been blogging for 7 years. Check me out!

Okay, it being the new year–just about–and this being a blog of lists–kinda–I think I’ll make a nice list of 10 things I’ll do more of in 2008:

1. Blog. That was easy.
2. Observations. Like, several hours a week. I totally slacked last year and I shall suffer for it. The moral of this story: don’t slack!
3. Be positive about other people. I’m a nice and generous kind of person when face to face, but I loves me some trash talk. Since I’m about to become a mother of 2 (holy crap!), I think it’s time to cut back.
4. Play musical instruments. Seriously, I now have a piano, a bass guitar and a flute. Not to mention free access to 2 guitars. In the past week I’ve played about 30 minutes of Christmas music on the flute (because it’s new). I could do more.
5. Play with Preston. I play with Preston quite a bit already, but I could do more…and a commitment now before new baby seems like a good plan.
6. Cook. I used to cook every night…now we order in, and it sucks. I miss my food. I should start cooking it again.
7. Clean. I’ve never been much of a cleaner. Including this almost feels like a joke…but what the heck; I’ll give it i a shot.
8. Play games or otherwise use the weeknights. Let’s try to limit the dueling laptops, shall we?
9. Stuff from my 101 list. Lately it’s kind of been “hey I did a thing from my list!” Which is nice, but a more purposeful approach couldn’t hurt.
10. Take some tests. I don’t think this technically qualifies as a “more” activity, but I needed to throw in a reminder to myself that I’ve got 4 praxis tests to take sometime in the near future (like, March), and I should maybe do something about that.

Hey, look at that! I found something to blog about after all. Let’s all just take a moment to acknowledge that. It’s a big damn deal.

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  1. Wende Morgaine permalink
    29 December, 2007 15:37

    Wende thinks Tarehna’s big damn deal makes her a big damn hero. šŸ™‚

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